How to Make Your Own World Map?

    More than 7 billion people, 6500 languages, 193 countries and it's all called the world. We are united in our differences. A custom world map is a great reminder for that. Except for the ideas it may carry, it is still the best decoration for your home: it fits any type of room. A world map may remind you about the unforgettable journeys you've made and will motivate you to explore new places. However, a map is not only about travels. If you want to make a unique gift, a personalized map is the best choice. Read the article to figure out more about how to make your own world map.

So, what to do?

  1. Choose the type of map
    The first thing you should do is to decide what type of map you want to have. Let's check what types are among the most popular ones, which all of the listed below can be made by Texel Print Store!
  • Personalized travel map

    If you're into journeys, this personalized world travel map is a must-have for you! Everything from design to the text and font you may choose by yourself. A great discovery for adventurous people and a trendy décor complement to an apartment look. Exploring the world with the custom map with pins is easier and more pleasurable.How to Make Your Own World Map

    All you need is love, isn't it? We are sure you are a romantic and you won't miss the opportunity to get this perfect map as a present for your beloved. Tell your own love story through the map, adding personal labels.How to Make Your Own World Map

    A super stylish option is here – patriotic states map is a classy interior solution. Your friends will definitely like a fresh approach in home styling. An unusual design will make your dwelling a favorite place to hang out with friends. How to Make Your Own World Map

    Do you have the inspirational quotes that motivate you to be better? We do! We offer you to put an everlasting reminder in the form of a quote map on your wall to get your own productivity higher. Sounds perfect!How to Make Your Own World Map

    Are you in love? If yes, it's a great reason to make your darling happy and remind about your feelings. A map with a depicted city where you and your sweetheart met or a map showing that distance is not an obstacle for your love will be the best gift ever.How to Make Your Own World Map

  • Custom city map

    Our life consists of memories connected not only with people but also with places. So, this is a great chance to decorate your room with a city map reminding you about the lovely moments spent in a certain place.

  • Custom wedding map

    Do you want to make This Day an unforgettable one? Get the custom wedding map and let the guests of this wonderful event write their wishes on it. What can be sweeter?

  • Brand map

    Everything from the logo to the depicted image is possible with Texel Print Art. Just tell us about your preferences, the desirable view of the map, and we will make it the best way.How to Make Your Own World Map

  1. Where to hang it?

    One of the most important steps is to decide where to put your own personalized map. It would be better to hang it on some large empty space to make it look simple and minimalistic. Nevertheless, if you are hesitating how to actualize your idea of the map into reality, send us a photo of your interior and we will help you with the right choice of the map.

  1. How about some colors?

    Are you tired of selecting the goods in limited color, size, and design? With Texel Print Art, it's easy peasy to make your own personal thing. You decide what color palette to choose and we can only recommend some highlights which will fit your particular type of room.

  1. Modifications are welcomed

    Of course, we offer a lot of unusual world maps and you may like some of them. But if you want to change something in a design, color, size or else, be ready to inform us. We will gladly help you to make your map look in your personal unique way.

  1. Mark it!

    For the travel world maps, we offer some special options. Visited places can be easily marked because of the cork backing for pin-ups. A legend can explain everything needed as well.

  1. The last but not the least

    Send a requirement and get a finished personalized design made especially for you.