Why Banksy Changed the World?

   Sometimes it seems that in the modern world we live in, it is difficult to surprise a human. We got used to great architectural wonders, space explorations and breathtaking technology advancement. We are spoiled. And the real way to wake us up is to show us who we are. Moreover, Banksy is one of those bold artists, who shows not only the people's nature but also the things we don't usually pay our attention.

   In this article, we are going to find out why Banksy changed the world and what the real meaning lies behind his artworks.

1. What Banksy is famous for?

   The year when Banksy started drawing graffiti at Bristol streets. He was a part of DryBreadZ Crew and started to call himself Banksy. Years and years of drawings brought him fame, even though Banksy remains anonymous even today.

   So, why are there so many people that worship Banksy? He changed people’s perception of art. In the past, street art and graffiti were thought to be vandalism. Banksy was took our understanding of graffiti on the whole new level. Graffiti is no longer vandalism. Graffiti has become one of the means of communication of people of different ages and different nations. Banksy proved that Art is a universal language!

2. Why Banksy is important?

- He brought attention to the street art

   After Banksy become famous, many art collectors and even museums started to look for some graffiti at streets, seeking a new Banksy. However, not only those interested in enrichment and financial profits become interested in street art. People around the world changed their view on graffiti. Why Banksy Changed the WorldNowadays, new blood, inspired by Banksy and some prominent figures on the street art scene, creates new imagery and expresses their thoughts in cities, freely. The graffiti below is made by Skurktur

Why Banksy Changed the World

- He Influenced people

   When asked how Banksy’s art makes them feel, people said: 51% Thoughtful. 24% happy. 22% Rebellious. This small survey shows that real art is something that does not leave you indifferent. And Banksy’s works are like that. Most of them carry educational value to the public.Why Banksy Changed the World

- His art is the mirror

   Most of Bansky’s artworks reflect the ideas’ depth of the street artist. Most of his artworks reflect us, people. He uses humor and irony to show our true faces. And that’s great! Someone has to show people’s true nature.Why Banksy Changed the World

3. Banksy's inspiration:

   Before we move to the most interesting part of this article – the most famous artworks, their meanings, and Banksy’s symbolism, we have to look at his source of inspiration.

   Banksy found inspiration in the artworks of Blek le Rat who is a French graffiti artist. Blek le Rat painted rats and many other stencils. In addition, Banksy’s style is a little bit similar to the one of Blek le Rat. Just look at the works of the French street artist!Why Banksy Changed the World

Each is unique and impressive!

Why Banksy Changed the World

  Andy Warhol is Banksy’s other inspiration. We all know one of Warhol’s most famous works – Marilyn Monroe. Why Banksy Changed the WorldBanksy created Kate Moss prints, in the same manner. Why Banksy Changed the World In addition, Banksy has a print featuring Tesco Tomato Soup that reminds Campbell's soup can by Warhol.

Compare Warhol's print:

Why Banksy Changed the World And the one of Banksy's:

Why Banksy Changed the World

Nevertheless, Banksy depicted the same cans to show the monotonous life of a consumer who is low on budget.

4. Main symbols, imagery and their meanings

       Rat. Sometimes the symbol rat is being connected to any street artist. As graffiti is illegal, street artists create their best works at night. Also, a rat is another symbol of people and population. Banksy once said: “If you feel dirty, insignificant or unloved, then rats are a good role model. They exist without permission, they have no respect for the hierarchy of society, and they have sex 50 times a day”Why Banksy Changed the World

       Chimps. There is also a bunch of artworks featuring a chimp or several of them. This is also a symbol of people and their competence. For example, a satirical image of the UK parliament.Why Banksy Changed the World

       Modern culture. He has created many works featuring well-known characters of films.Why Banksy Changed the World

       Among others, we may point out the following themes: politics and social issues; anti-war and anti-capitalism, nihilism and anarchism.Why Banksy Changed the World

    5. What are Banksy’s most famous pieces of art?

       Here’s the top 5 famous artworks. However, every graffiti is unique and there could be named more than 20!

    Kissing Coppers

    Why Banksy Changed the World
    Rage, the Flower Thrower

    Why Banksy Changed the World

    Girl with Balloon

    Why Banksy Changed the World

    Nola (White Rain)

    Why Banksy Changed the World

    Kids on Guns

    Why Banksy Changed the World


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