Antique World Map Canvas


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Enchanted by the antiquity and history? Decorate your place with a special antique world map canvas with latitudes and longitudes. It is a perfect decoration for any room of your house: a living room, home office or even library if you have one. World map will instantly take you to the times of great explorers and great explorations when people were discovering the world taking all the chances and risking their lives.
Amazing antique world map canvas will show you people's representation of the world on different stages of world exploration. Dive into adventures and journeys of the past together with an incredible world map.
This type of wall decoration will be a perfect complementation for a vintage interior and it also makes a cool gift for people who love the vintage decor. With the maps gathered in this collection, you have a unique possibility to witness the art of cartography. World maps on a single or double hemispheres were usually decorated with some painting and Latin inscriptions. These maps will make you curious about the world and make you be more attentive to the details as there are so many details on any historic world map. It is a modern solution for home interior and best idea to decorate your empty wall.

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