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Remember the most famous painting called "The Scream"? Edward Munch is best in Expressionism, that's why he got the world's recognition. But do you know some other artworks of the Norwegian genius? Our Edward Munch wall art is carefully selected not only for the Munch lovers but also for those who want to create a special atmosphere at home.
Edward Munch wall art is a selection of artworks that will be a pearl at your home. Painting technique, scenes, styles, and colors combination are impressive. Edward Munch learned much from such masters of the art as Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh, especially the usage of the color. Creative and unusual images in which the artist tries to reflect the worries of a person in the modern world, to show the emotional state and thoughts. His paintings reach our souls, and no wonder, because Munch's artworks may be called 'soul painting', in which he shows the psychological state.
Edward Munch wall art collection consists of decoration for any home. Here you will find different variations. The unframed and framed artworks are available. Besides, you can choose frame color, size and additional options, like personalization. Any artwork from this selection is a great gift idea for an Expressionist lover. 

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