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French Romantic movement is impossible to impress without Eugene Delacroix. He was one of the artists that made a great influence on the whole art. In his works, he pays attention to the movement and color, rather than on the modelled forms. But Delacroix is known not only for paintings, but he also created illustrated works of William Shakespeare, Walter Scott and the German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Our Eugene Delacroix wall art collection contains the masterpieces made by Delacroix and reproduced on canvas by TexelPrintArt. The prints, thanks to the canvas nature, are very detailed: if your order a large wall art you'll get a highly-detailed picture of museum quality. Here you will also find the most famous artwork - Liberty calling the People that is an impressive painting on a national theme. Delacroix created artworks on different themes, which you can see in this selection.
Choose a piece from Eugene Delacroix wall art collection just as it is, or add something personal, special or meaningful to you. Personalize a canvas or print you like and get an incredible decoration for your home. Unframed and framed variations are available as well: choose a frame color to get the best match.

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