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Are you tired of ordinary and classic world maps? This collection is full of new and bright decisions for your home! Are you enchanted by modern interiors and minimalistic style? Our world maps with geometric print will help you to make your home stylish! Don't you know how to decorate your library or office? Our hemisphere world maps with antique design solution will come in handy!

Vintage maps, historical maps decorated with unique drawings from the past will help you to get the idea of people's perception of the world at those times. Our products are of great quality, allowing you to see every detail on print. Canvases and prints are available, as well as one-panel or multi-panel variations. Don't hesitate and make your home a better place to live right now!

Hemisphere world map representing the whole world as unity will harmonically complement any style. One hemisphere world map makes a creative and unusual gift on any occasion, too. For a special occasion, you can personalize any world map from this selection. Add some quotes or choose the colors palette to match your home interior: easy and fast. Enjoy the world's view with Texel Print Art fantastic world maps on canvases!

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