Old World Map Canvas


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Is there something better than an interior with a spirit of the past? The vintage interior makes any house more enchanting and sophisticated, it takes you to the past and makes you a bit nostalgic. Vintage is for people who like to remember.

Old world map canvas collection is made up of the various masterpieces from the past. You have a unique possibility to enjoy the art of cartography together with Texel Print Art! Just take a look at these elaborate works! Nothing missed! Historical maps are your possibility to dive into the past with all discoveries and expeditions, explorations and mysteries.

So why choosing an old world map canvas? This artistic creation is no ordinary map. Unlike modern minimalistic maps, old world maps were designed long years ago when explorers put their souls into their artworks. You can see it yourself! Drawings and different scenes on the corners, figures of some famous discoverers, Latin inscriptions and the imitation of a parchment paper makes each map a masterpiece.

So where can you hang an antique world map? Anywhere you'd like - a living room, bedroom, office or hallway. Due to the neutral colors, old world map looks just great everywhere.

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