World Map with Push Pins

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Travelling is one of the most wonderful things in the world as it can open your mind, discover new corners and energize with new ideas. Traveling refreshes your soul and gives you important life lessons. Everyone has the opportunity to travel somewhere but sometimes we feel a lack of motivation to make the first step. Texel Print Art has created the whole collection which can inspire you – the World Map with Push Pins. There you can find various world maps with designs that can perfectly suit your interior. Multicolored or minimalistic, with a dark or light background, different numbers of panels, with or without frames – the collection has great options of canvases to decorate any room of your house. You can also order an additional cork backing for the pins to mark the points you’ve been or plan to visit as soon as it’s possible.
World Map with Push Pins is the astonishing decoration for the wall. It can educate you, motivate and just make the space much brighter and more original. The image will be liked by everyone and interact even kids. Every canvas can be personalized according to your style of décor and is available in 3,4,5 panels to hang on the wide wall of any room or office.

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