Make your own custom
map of the world

and more with colors and descriptions of your choice

Change the colors of an existing map to match your home interior perfectly.


You can easily change the background color of a map to make it a unique decoration.


You can also add custom labels so that a map shows your own story.

Text quotes

Make a map one-of-kind decoration by adding an inspiring quotation.


Make a map even more personal by adding a visual explanation to unlock it.


Add the cities and places you want to see on a map.

Cork backing

Pin your travels more easily with a cork backing added on the back of a map.


Choose a frame color to make a map an elegant design solution for your home.

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How It Works


Receive a customization email immediately after filling a form.


Point out your wishes and we’ll make a customization for free.


Get the samples within 24 hours.Our designer will make unlimited changes.

Types of maps

Personalized travel map

Explore the world and meet new cultures with a personalized travel map! Mark the places you've been to, set the goals and follow your dreams. Being a world traveler is easier and much more interesting when you see the path you've made.

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Relationship map

Is there something sweeter than two loving hearts finding each other? Miles and miles are not an obstacle for true love. Express your deepest devotion and tender feeling with a relationship map showing the story of how it all began.

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States map

Complement your home interior with a states map showing the grandeur and power of the US. Unique design will add a stylish atmosphere and artistic touch to any room of your house. A map of the USA hanging on a wall is a modern design you’ll love.

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Custom quote map

Make a map a unique and meaningful decoration by adding a quote inspiring you and energizing you. Let a map be not only a stylish personalized decor but also your motivation booster to see the world or even change a worldview.

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Heart map

Fill your home with a romantic atmosphere by hanging a heart map featuring a city where you met your beloved one. Complement a map with memorable dates, your names, or other notes and enjoy the decoration telling the story of your life.

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Custom city map

Keep your city and the memories connected with it in your heart with a custom city map. A designer's look on the city map will make you see it differently. Choose a style and point out your wishes for a city map to be a unique decor.

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Ready to hang

You don't need to worry about how to hang a new wall art because we took care of it. Your map arrives ready to hang - just choose an empty wall and liven up the whole room with the help of personalized artwork. Enjoy your unique decor!

Handmade pinewood frame

A frame is a stylish solution for your map and it is important for it to be of high quality. All the frames are handcrafted of pinewood and we assure you will love it! Let your wall art be elegant and even more unique with a cool frame.

UV protection coating

Worried that the colors of your map will fade or lose the lush colors with time? No worries! With a UV protection coating, your wall art will please the eye for a long time. The colors will stay as bright as they were on the first day you saw it.

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